Easter eggs are fun to decorate, sure. But once they’re dyed, you’re pretty much done. Let’s kick up the Easter Egg experience with a felt board that lets kids decorate their eggs again and again and again—mess free!

Easter Egg Felt Board Materials:

  • wooden board
  • piece of felt large enough to cover board
  • staple gun or glue
  • scissors
  • colorful pieces of felt for decoration

Easter Egg Felt Board Instructions:

Step 1

Take a piece of felt large enough to cover the board. Fold it over the back of the board and staple. I recommend 1/4 inch staples. If you don’t have a staple gun, apply a line of glue around the border and clamp felt to the wood until it dries.

Easter Egg Felt Board - (cool) progeny

Easter Egg Felt Board - (cool) progeny


Step 2

Take the colorful pieces of felt and go to town. Cut out egg shapes, flowers, dots, lines, zigzags (pinking shears work great for zigzags), whatever you like. Then let the kids unleash their inner designer.

easter egg felt board - (cool) progeny

Wouldn’t this make a cute gift for Easter? Not only is it a creative exercise, it’s a fine motor one too. And if you offer varying shapes, sizes, and colors, you can turn it into a clever educational lesson.