Is Valentine’s Day one of those days you spend weeks gearing up for? Or are you like me — you spend a few weeks letting things percolate in the back of your head and then panic the weekend before? If you’re a p & p person (percolate and panic), chances are you thrive on adrenaline, always waited to the last minute in elementary school to start physically working your book report, and have hidden type a tendencies. Meaning, you pull an all-nighter because things needed to look perfect even if you didn’t give yourself enough time to do it.

Or you’re a parent and have 25,000 balls in the air and Valentine’s Day hasn’t hit the top of the priority list.

Well, p & p parents, don’t fret. This morning’s coffee and pinterest post is all about showing the love. And yes, a bit of shameless self promotion. Our contributors have shared some GREAT Valentine’s Day ideas over the past few weeks — and I’ve rounded them all up here for you!

Simple Sugar Cookie Hearts - (cool) progeny

Simple Sugar Cookie Hearts
Cara and her daughter Gracie whipped up this super fun (and super simple) heart sugar cookie cutouts. My favorite quote from Cara: “So if I was going to take this task on with a two-year-old with me, I better sure as hell simplify the task or this would quickly turn into one hell of a kitchen nightmare.” Told you this is simple! See the recipe here.

Valentine's Tree and Heart Pockets Full of Love - (cool) progeny

Valentine’s Tree with Felt Heart Ornaments
Skip the mailboxes and have your kids send one another messages through felt heart pockets! Caroline has whipped up this super fun family craft. There’s a no sew option, too! Check out her tutorial here.

Lemon Pepper Shrimp & Chicken Skewers with Creamy Parmesan Orzo - (cool) progeny

Family Date Night Dinner: Kid-Friendly Surf & Turf
Planning on spending Valentine’s Day ‘in’ with the fam? Then you’ll definitely want Liza’s recipe for Lemon Pepper Chicken and Shrimp Skewers with Creamy Orzo. Looks flipping fantastic. See her recipe here.

diy crayon valentines - (cool) progeny

DIY Crayon Valentines
Skip the sugary sweet candy-filled school valentines in favor of these cute DIY crayon hearts. Laura has even given you a free printable! Check out her tutorial and download the printable.

Heart Day Necklaces - (cool) progeny

Fancy Schmancy Heart Necklace
If you have a Fancy Nancy fan in your house, she’ll flip for this fun mixed media necklace — which includes a step for dyeing natural wooden beads with kool-aid. {Yepp, smells good, too!} See the project here.

Valentine's Day Guide for Guys - (cool) progeny

Valentine’s Day: Insider Guide for Guys
If you received a vacuum cleaner or blender for Valentine’s Day last year, you may want to anonymously email this article to your significant other. Lara has put together a great list of ‘dos and don’ts.’ My fav advice? If you learn one thing from me it should be that Valentine’s Day is for chumps, romance is for real men. Read her advice here.

how to teach your kids about love - (cool) progeny

Kid Whisperer: Teaching Your Kids that Valentine’s Day is More than Candy
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner — so how do you teach your kids that it’s not just about candy? Katie, our resident Kid Whisperer, offers some advice. Catch her advice here.

Show-Love-Photo-Contest1Photo Tips for Capturing the Love
Mom and photographer Kory Chase shares some great tips for capturing the love in your life — and details about our February photo contest! Get the 411 here.

Need more heart day inspiration? Check out our Happy Heart Day pinterest board — we’ve been collecting ideas all year! {Which reminds me, are you following us on Pinterest yet?}