I have this theory about living with children that goes something like this: if you decorate your home with their artwork, they will feel even more a part of it. The secret to pulling this off is to be brave and go with it! Kids are brave. They hang their artwork everywhere and we should too!

Another cool thing about children’s artwork is that it easily takes on the look of “modern artwork” and doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune to make. Making “Paint Blot” art is about as simple as it gets and the great thing is that the entire family can get involved. If you can blot on paint and fold a piece of paper, you have what it takes to make this artwork and the possibilities are endless in terms of paint and paper color choices.

Ready to learn how? Let’s get started.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint: tempera paint, poster Paint, acrylic paint
  • Paper: construction paper, white copy paper, colored paper
  • Frames


Step 1:
Choose your paper and lay it out in front of you. Dab a blot (blob) of paint in the center of the paper.

Step 2:
Fold your paper in half and press down along the seam smearing the paint (which is on the inside of the paper) all around through your pressing.

Paint Blot Artwork Made By Kids! - (cool) progeny

Step 3:
Open your paper and you will have formed a paint blot! Similar to guessing what cloud shapes look like, kids will have fun deciding what their paint blots are.

Paint Blot Artwork Made By Kids! - (cool) progeny

We all thought this white paint blot on pink construction paper looked like a Sting Ray!

Step 4:
Lastly, allow your paintings to dry completely then frame!

Paint Blot Artwork Made By Kids! - (cool) progeny

Paint Blot Artwork Made By Kids! - (cool) progeny

Paint Blot Artwork Made By Kids! - (cool) progeny

You are finished and you can now hang your artwork in your child’s room or anywhere in the house. Happy paint blotting everyone!