What better way to keep your little ones entertained on a chilly winter day than by creating an indoor obstacle course that will use up some of their stored energy?

As toy experts, we at aMuse know how important it is to find games and activities that play into that many interests of your little ones!

We love the idea of building a course that focuses on kinesthetic learning along with integrating brain-based activities that require logic and strategy, yet remain tactile and meaningful. With more than one little one running around, it’s important to keep activities in mind that are appropriate for a wide age range so that ALL of your kids will be entertained. {Imagine that!}

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIY obstacle course challenges to share. On your mark, get set, GO!

Designing Your Course

The setup and design of the course itself is totally up to the creator(s). Delegate a few tasks to your kids and make sure to keep some for yourself so they are surprised along the way! Depending on the space you have available, you may want to complete the challenges individually, breaking down previous activities and setting up new ones in a small area. If you’ve got the space to spread out-do it!

Active Play Favorites

Ball Toss – Using a laundry basket or bin and any soft ball, set up a tossing station for kids to successfully throw or bounce a ball in a container several times. Gradually increase their distance from the target to lengthen this challenge.

Tunnel Crawl– Create a tunnel with strategically placed chairs and a draped sheet for kids to crawl through.

Indoor Obstacle Course - (cool) progeny

Limbo – Save a few paper towel rolls to connect together (and decorate as a family craft!) that you can use as a limbo pole. Adjust the height of the pole to encourage balance and flexibility. And don’t forget the music!

Don’t Step On the Snake! – Connect one end of a jump rope to a sturdy piece of furniture and hold the other end taught. As your child approaches wiggle the opposite end as they try to hop over the “snake” without touching the rope.

Indoor Obstacle Course - (cool) progeny

Hula Hoop Hop Scotch – Lay out a pattern of hula hoops for kids to jump through while alternating a double foot hop and a single foot hop.

Animal Rescue – Create an area where your child can rescue a loved stuffed animal and deliver it to safety. We (of course) would choose to save Boo, the World’s cutest dog!

Brain-Based Favorites

Little Architect Tangram Challenge
Create a modular object for your kids to replicate by using any building set you have in the house. You’ll want to come up with the design ahead of time and using a large piece of paper or poster board and a marker, trace the outline of your object(s) to create a silhouette. When they reach that portion of the course, just hand over the building materials and watch those wheels turn!

Indoor Obstacle Course - (cool) progeny

Family Focused Puzzle
Create a simple jigsaw puzzle from a sheet of paper or poster board for each participant to solve throughout of the course (or have them work together to acquire pieces to a communal puzzle so there are not issues among various age groups competing). You might want to expand upon the puzzle concept by writing a question or task on the back of each piece!

Spot It!
An absolute favorite game at aMuse Toys is the much-loved Spot It! by Blue Orange Games. A great visual perception and acuity exercise for all ages, this game is the perfect brain-based activity to add to an indoor obstacle course. Whether you use the game as a final challenge or spread the card competitions out among multiple areas of the course, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your little ones will find the match and be off! Get creative with the games around your house, or swing by either aMuse location and we’ll help you find a great addition to your indoor obstacle course!

Indoor Obstacle Course - (cool) progeny

Photo Credit: Allison Humphries