Date Night - Disney on Ice

We didn’t tell the Bug she was going to Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove until about 10 minutes before it was time to go. She knew she was headed out on a date night with her dad but had no idea where. And when she finally found out, pure pandemonium hit.


Then came a perplexing debacle:

What princess dress to wear?

She ran upstairs, tore open her dress-up bin and the sequins started flying. Tiana? No, too cold. Belle? No, that one needs a little TLC. Tinkerbell? No, we don’t have the right shoes.

Aurora won. Then we had to discuss how plastic high heels weren’t appropriate for Disney on Ice even if mommy usually wears heels when she and daddy go on a date. Resigned, she agreed that purple flats would be ok.

Disney on Ice Date Night

Received this photo with a brief message mid-show: Wish you were here, mom!

One of the things Pat and I have really tried to do is make sure that each of us get some one-on-one time with the Bug. This is probably going to be even more important when the new little guy makes his debut (he’s late, btw, in case you didn’t already guess; which is one of the reasons this wasn’t a whole family outing!). If I’m honest, the thought of spending two hours with singing skaters dressed up in their Disney finest wasn’t high on my husband’s priority list; but spending two hours with his favorite three-year-old? That definitely was. And seeing Disney on Ice was REALLY high on her wish list. She’d been asking us about it since the commercials started a few weeks ago.

Another reason daddy-daughter date nights are a great thing? Pat did a few things differently than I might have had I been there. The Bug came home with a $22 wand and $15 Tinkerbell cup that had once held a giant snowball. I probably would have skipped the sugary treat since the show was a late start on a “school” night. But the Bug loved it. Luckliy, we didn’t pay too terribly the next morning — just a few minutes of ‘grouchy face’ from losing a little sleep and then she snapped out of it.


When I asked the Bug who she liked best in the show, she rattled off every Disney character she could possibly think of; I mean ALL of them. Then she said the most memorable scene was Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Might be an extension of her current Jake and the Neverland Pirates obsession…

All in all, the evening got high marks from both of them and is without a doubt 100% Bug approved. Pat said the only time she got antsy or upset was when she realized her giant snowball had melted because she wasn’t eating it — she was too tuned into the show.

You can catch Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove now through Sunday at 1st Mariner Arena. Tickets start at $15/seat.

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