A mama to Fiona and Elsa, stepmama to Elijah, wife and city lover who I often run into on my walk to work. Miranda Wulff Altschuler is always on a walk. In fact, on her blog she documents those moments effortlessly.

Play House - (cool) progeny

We met several years ago when she came into aMuse with baby Fiona, and have been great friends ever since — even working together on many projects. Her latest? A series of illustrations celebrating childhood. Today she released the first in the series, Play House. Just as I thought she couldn’t blow me away [again] with her creativity [and talent] Miranda posted this picture on her design site.

Play House - (cool) progeny

Full disclosure. Miranda has done tons of design work for aMuse, in addition to illustrating this beautiful rendition of our home in Fells Point, so pardon the bias, but I think she’s pretty brilliant!

Play House - (cool) progeny

I am all for documenting life. Taking pictures, and attempting to hold onto as much of my boy’s childhood as possible [he’s already 12!]. Needless to say, I’ve already messaged Miranda to request an illustration of Everton –Sebastian’s beloved bear.

Play House - (cool) progeny

This morning after seeing her post I felt the need to share my enthusiasm for her new project with (cool) progeny readers. I called her up and asked a few questions:

What motivated you to create your Play House illustration?

Play House was inspired by the hours my children spend every day imagining and dreaming at their beloved play kitchen. ​I often write about how much I love watching my children play. Being an observer to their exploration and discovery of the world through play is truly one of the great, unexpected joys of motherhood. I am honored to be a part of it.

I think Play House would be beautiful hung in children’s rooms, play spaces or anywhere you’d like to honor your child’s most important work—play!​​

On your blog we see lots of drawings by Fiona (she’s pretty talented). With three kids, a husband and busy design career, how do you nurture creativity in your home?

It’s true that between the three little mouths to feed and one not-so-little mortgage to pay, there often doesn’t seem to be much time left for the non-essentials. The whole day can easily be filled with the small tasks of running a household. I’ve found that I need to make the conscious decision each day to set aside time to do nothing. If there is one lesson I’d like to share here about cultivating creativity in your family, it’s that it can’t be forced. Just slow down, play, stare out the window and twiddle your thumbs for a while. It’s in these quiet moments that the greatest ideas take shape.

Here’s just a little more about Miranda (who you can follow on Twitter at @Miranda_Makes!)…

Miranda Wulff Altschuler graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in graphic design and a concentration in painting. She began her professional career at a local graphic design studio acting as senior designer before finding her true calling as a mother in 2009 with the birth of her 
daughter Fiona. For the next several years, she worked during naptime providing graphic design and social media services to a select group of family-oriented companies and organizations, 
including aMuse Toys and Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance. In 2012, she chose to focus her efforts on the newly opened House Love Shop and is currently developing a series of illustrated prints inspired by childhood. You can learn more about Miranda’s adventures in mothering and crafting on her personal blog, Miranda Makes and buy prints of her work in her Etsy shop, House Love Shop.

Want to win a House Play illustration? Head over to Rhythm of the Home’s Spring Giveaway here.

aMuse will be launching its new “Creative Family Living” workshop with Miranda in May. Stay tuned to our facebook page for details.