I hate winter, loathe it actually. I’ve lived in both Syracuse, New York and Las Vegas, and I would take the desert heat over the Syracuse snow ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! As an Executive Producer of television news, a snow storm means leaving my family for days on end. And winter can be especially hard when you have nothing to look forward to.

But this year is different. This year I’m actually counting down the days until Orioles Opening Day. Last year the team brought back the magic for O’s fans who like me, had frankly giving up on ever seeing another winning season.

So what better way to escape the cold, snowy weather than a trip to get a sneak peak of ‘dem O’s in Sarasota, Florida for spring training? You kill two birds with one stone. (no pun intended) The season runs from February 23rd-March 30th.

The Orioles have put together travel packages for fans that include tickets, accommodations, and a rental car. You can even get one-on-one time with some of the players.

The package I priced cost $1,810.00 (without airfare) for a family of four and includes the following:

  • 2-Night hotel stay at the Lido Beach Resort, complete with kitchenette (note: 2 other suggested hotels were already booked)
  • A compact rental car with unlimited miles from Enterprise
  • 4 Tickets to both the Friday, March 15th and Sunday, March 17th games.
  • A pre-game meet-and-greet with the players before Sunday’s game.
  • Orioles sports merchandise package that includes 4 Orioles t-shirts.

If that’s a little steep for you, you can also buy single season tickets and make your own travel plans. They go on sale January 26th and run anywhere from $8 to $30 a game.

And if you’d rather stay at home you can still get in on the action. The annual Orioles Fanfest takes place Saturday, January 19th at the Baltimore Convention Center. Fans can attend autograph sessions, hit the batting cage and hang out with the Oriole bird. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 14.

Play ball!


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