Have you jumped on the Magna-Tile train yet? We absolutely love them!

What are Magna-Tiles? Colorful, tactile magnetic geometric shapes. They provide hours of building fun — whether or not your child is creating flat designs on three-dimensional sculptures. We own a set of the translucent blocks, thanks to the funtabulous team at aMuse Toys, who recommended them to us! You can guide your child through play with Magna-Tiles, or hand ’em over and let ’em at them. Watch your kiddo’s imagination soar. The best part? They’re learning as they play. Playing with Magna-tiles develops patterning, shape recognition, building and motor skills. All those foundational math concept skills that will eventually help them with 9th grade geometry. For real. Magna-Tiles and Mirrors - (cool) progeny Want to take the play to a whole new — er, plane? Add a mirror tile. Or four. I originally saw this idea on my friend Miranda’s blog and couldn’t wait to try it with the Bug! Magna-Tiles and Mirrors - (cool) progeny Think she had fun? Magna-Tiles and Mirrors - (cool) progeny You can purchase Magna-Tiles from our friends at aMuse here.