cool reads - no two alike + snowflake exploration

Seems like snow is on everyone’s mind lately — especially the Bug’s. She would like a huge snowstorm where she can go outside and make snow angels and sled. {Doesn’t that sound fun? Minus the shoveling and my husband’s crazy impulse to purchase a snow blower for our row home every time we get a big storm?}

There are lots of winter time books out there, but a new favorite of ours is No Two Alike, written and illustrated by Keith Baker. It’s a charming tale about how snowflakes are similar but no two are exactly alike — just like people, birds, trees, forests… It’s beautifully illustrated and the perfect picture book to snuggle up with over cocoa.

Your preschooler will know it by heart after just a few reads. Your emergent reader might be able to tackle it alone and your toddler will love the repetition. It’s definitely a book to add to your personal library!

No two snowflakes are alike,
almost, almost . . .
but not quite.

We followed up reading with ‘stamp’ glitter snowflake making. Easy and entertaining. Of course, the Bug wore her snowflake princess crown so she was appropriately adorned for the art making occasion. {Note to self: maybe need to cut back on the Fancy Nancy books…} Glitterphobes beware, this can get messy if you don’t have a tray or scrap paper for the table.

cool progeny snowflake glitter craft

Glitter Stamp Snowflakes

  • blue scrapbook paper
  • washable white paint
  • cotton balls or craft pom poms, various sizes
  • paper plate
  • glitter

Put some white washable paint on a paper plate and let your child select a variety of cotton balls or pom poms to use as ‘stamps.’ Have your child stamp the blue paper with the white paint and create different shapes. While paint is still wet, shake glitter over the snowflakes. Dump excess glitter (if there isn’t any glue on it, I recycle it back to the bottle). Let dry. Voila! A painting of snowflakes — no two are alike!

Snowflakes for Newtown

Virtual Snowflakes for Newtown

As many of you know, the children from Sandy Hook Elementary are returning to school today. The town of Newton has decorated the refurbished building they are using with millions of paper snowflakes created by children all over the world and sent in, at the request of the Sandy Hook PTA — who wanted to show students that no two snowflakes, just like kids, are alike. They were awed and overwhelmed by the number of snowflakes received, and have since asked that no more be sent. However, the kind folks at KneeBouncers created a way for kids everywhere to send snowflakes and love to Newtown — virtually! Head over to Snowflakes for Newtown to select your snowflake and send a message!


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