It’s the PERFECT gift for a toddler who’s always moving: a Prince Lionheart Ride-On Wheely Bug plus an My Carry Potty and training pants. Even better? It’s all eco-friendly! We’re super excited about this giveaway, sponsored by Soft and Cozy Baby.

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THE GIVEAWAY: Prince Lionheart Ride-On Wheely Bug plus My Carry Potty and Training Pants

Fun present for kids who love things with wheels!  The Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug ride-on toy provides hours of activity to keep your child engaged. Made with high-quality materials, the attractive Wheely Bug features multidirectional casters for easy mobility and a sturdy wooden base that is built to last. The colorful, kid-friendly toy features a soft sponge layer for comfort, while rounded corners provide safety.  Award-winning toy!! You’ll be able to select your style from those in stock at Soft and Cozy Baby.

My Carry Pottywas invented and designed by a mum for mums, to help with the challenges of potty training! It’s made from high quality, durable plastic that’s easy on the eye and easy to keep clean. Best of all, kids love the bright primary colors and the carry handle makes it easy for them to adopt as their personal possession. Not only is it perfect for when you are out and about, on holidays or long journeys it’s also ideal for home and even nursery, especially if your child only feels happy with his or her own potty. Soft and Cozy Baby will also provide you with a pair of training pants.

ABOUT OUR SPONSOR: Soft and Cozy Baby

Soft and Cozy Baby is Baltimore’s store for the naturally-loved baby. They are the area’s number one destination for cloth diapers, baby wearing, natural parenting gear and accessories. Located right on the Avenue in Hampden, they offer a variety of classes for new, expectant and veteran parents, too. Shop in-person or online! If you’re thinking about cloth cloth diapering, the offer a FREE two week trial, too.

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