Holiday gifts for friends and families often take on a new meaning when they are crafted by kids. And when I say “new meaning” I mean that in a slightly funny way! I mean, have you ever seen a grandfather wearing a necktie decorated with neon puff-painted handprints? Now, I may be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t wear that necktie if it hadn’t been created by someone adorable (and age 3) that he loved!

But, here’s a secret not many people realize: things made by kids don’t have to always look like they belong in a pre-school classroom. In fact, kids artwork and crafts made by kids can often be super cool and surprisingly stylish.

The trick? Keep it simple! Simple shapes and simple designs are always the key to making gifts crafted by kids look stylish and modern. Using patterns in fabrics that are also in-trend (like stripes and triangles for example) will also keep the kids crafts looking cool and fun. But the main secret is to just not make the project too complicated. I always find that using simple shapes for a kids crafting project makes the outcome beautifully hip.

Take for example this simple ribbon covered hoop ornament. It’s the perfect little holiday gift and your kids can make this (with your help) in just four easy steps. Would you like to learn how? Great! Let’s get started!

You Will Need: 

  • Thin Gage Wire
  • Wire Cutter (adults only)
  • Thick Ribbon
  • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun (adults only)
  • Thin Ribbon (for hanging)

cool holiday gifts made by kids - (cool) progeny

Step 1
Parents: cut a piece of thin-gage wire (you can find this type of wire in the jewelry section of the craft store) about 10 inches long. Twist the wire into a hoop. Older children can do the twisting part. My 5 year old daughter was able to do this part on her own,  but she’s pretty good with her hands so just go with your instinct because each child is different.

cool holiday gifts made by kids - (cool) progeny

Step 2
Parents: Dab a little hot glue on the end of a piece of ribbon (about 10 inches long as well) and stick to the hoop, begin wrapping around.  Children: continue to wrap the ribbon around the hoop, around and around covering the wire. Add more ribbon if you run out (parents can repeat the beginning of step two for this) and smooth out the wrapping at the end if needed.

Step 3
Finish wrapping the ribbon and then (Parents) glue the end.

Step 4
Tie a thin ribbon in a bow and you are done!

cool holiday gifts made by kids - (cool) progeny

See? Making a simple kids craft for a holiday gift can not only be a family affair but it can also be really beautiful! Remember to keep it simple and not worry to much about making it look perfect. In the end, the entire point of giving something made by your little one is that it was crafted by their hands and given with love.

Happy Holiday Gift Making! Need other ideas? Check out our 2012 Holiday gift guide (page 21!).