Right now, we are struggling with nightmares and monsters at our house. A week of 103 fevers led to bizarre night terrors for the Bug, and now she’s scared of the dark. We’re trying everything. A ‘magic nightlight’ is en route to our house and should be arriving tomorrow. It keeps the monsters away.

When it comes to our kids, bad dreams are the only nightmares we should have to worry about. We shouldn’t have to worry about whatever evil entered Sandy Hook Elementary School today and took the lives of 27 people — most of them children.

Heart-retching. Sickening. Maddening. Real terror.

The black hole of a nightmare. Darkness I can’t fathom.

In the days to come, there will be analyzing, although there will never be understanding. How could anyone possible understand taking the lives of children? In one of the world’s safest places — elementary school? There will be discussions. There are hard conversations that need to be had {as a friend of mine pointed out on Facebook, NOW can we talk about gun control?}.

But for today, there are no words. Those children lost may not have been yours or mine, but they were ours. Hug your kids a little closer. Send strength. Whatever or whomever you believe in, send prayers.

The families in Newtown, Connecticut are going to need all that we can spare and more.

A nightlight in the dark.