Abi “Scooting” through Ridgely’s Delight Tot Lot

The urban dweller series is back! Today we’d like you to Meet Karen, Dean, & Abi (age 3), who own a home in Ridgely’s Delight – a quaint neighborhood located South of the University of Maryland Medical Campus and West of Camden Yards. More importantly, it is within walking distance of many of Baltimore’s major attractions.

When I asked Karen if I could come to her home she asked if we could also go to the Ridgely’s Delight tot lot as most families are not familiar with the space and she considers it her community “backyard.” Having never been there myself, I decided to take my son Asher as I would never with hold a new playground from him.

Karen and Abi

Karen and Abi

Tell me a little about what originally brought you to Baltimore city and how you ended up in Ridgely’s Delight?
I attended Towson University and lived in Canton and then Federal Hill after graduating. My husband already lived in Ridgely’s Delight when we met. He started off as a renter and ended up buying a house down the street!

In which room do you and your family spend most of their time?
We spend a lot of time in our dining room. I know that might sound silly, but it’s where we color, play Play Doh, and do puzzles with our daughter, and of course eat. I also love my daughter’s room . When I was pregnant it went from being dark green to the pinkest of pink! We’ve been snuggling up in her glider to read stories since the day we brought her home from the hospital. Since the room is large, she has a double bed that she loves to jump on!

What do you love about Urban life?
Since I am not much of a planner, I love the proximity to EVERYTHING! I love being able to run out and grab a cup of coffee, watch a baseball game, or attend a street festival. It’s been especially exciting living near Oriole park at Camden Yards this past season. We’ve been cracking our windows just to hear the roar of the crowd. Baltimore is a city, but it has the feeling of a small town. After you meet someone you are bound to run into them again and again and that doesn’t happen in other cities.

What are your favorite places and events to take your child?
This summer we enjoyed the concert series at Patterson Park, our membership to Otterbein swim club, and summer socials in the Inner Harbor. For fall we go to our neighborhood tot lot in early evenings it acts as our community “backyard”. We started taking Abi when she was 3 weeks old and still remains friends with all the kids that play there. On Friday’s we have neighborhood pot lucks which one of our neighbors has labeled “Clean out your fridge and Barbecue.” We have also signed up Abi for the 3 year old soccer league in Locust Point. The kids do drills for about 40 minutes and then end with a 10 minute game. After the game all the kids play at the park and then we usually go out to brunch in Federal Hill.


Asher, swinging away!