Gifts for Kid 2.0 on (cool) progeny

Ever wondered what to get for the moddern kiddos in your life? You know, the ones that can operate your iPad better than you, whip out witty one-liners like it’s their job and look at your sideways when you suggest talking to grandma on the phone rather than video skyping? Look no further. These gifts are sure to wow even the (cool)est of mini hipsters. For more than 100 other gift ideas, check out our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

Note: We’ve listed where to pick the item up locally in Baltimore. Not a local? Call the store! They’ll ship!

1. KneeBouncers Online Game Membership
The philosophy behind this Baltimore-based game company? Play with purpose. It’s fun and learning mixed into one neat package that grows with your child — from baby through preschool-hood! Price plans from $6/month to annual memberships

2. Media Gloves
by Roxy | Wee Chic Boutique
Forget fingerless gloves! These colorful numbers for Roxy will let your iPhone addict text away in the cold — with gloves on. $28

3. Mighty Wallet
by Dynomighty | Shananigans Toy Shop
Completely indestructible and tres (cool). Lots of graphic patterns to choose from (Dad may even like this…) $15

4. Boogie Board
by Improv Electronics | aMuse Toys
Perfect for holiday travel — or leaving a love note in the morning. No messy white board. Endless creativity. $34.99

5. iWoody – My First Smart Phone
by Donkey Products | Shananigans Toy Shop
Too fun. Looks just like your smart phone but this one? It’s all about chalk. Call for price.

6. XYZ Blocks
by Fred & Friends | Shananigans Toy Shop
Sure, you could teach your kids Mandarin Chinese with Uncle Goose Blocks (which we love too), but don’t you think learning about ‘afro‘ and ‘donut’ is much more useful? Fun graphic design, too! Call for price.

7. Kidlet Customized Plate
by Bitsy Creations
Cartoon your kid by creating a custom, one-of-a-kind plate that looks just like them. Added bonus? No more dinner time squabbling over the ‘blue’ plate. Melamine, too! $21.99

8. Grimaces Nutty Memory Game
by Djeco | Wee Chic Boutique
Memory meets charades. Too much fun. Memorize the faces and then make them yourself! $24

9. Glow Nightlight
by Boon | Shananigans Toy Shop
It’s the ULTIMATE night light! Changes colors and your mini-me can remove the glowing balls to take them bed. {Kinda like their own meteorite?} No worries about getting to hot! $84.99

10. Plush Robot
by EBK Robots
Who says tech needs to be all nuts and bolts? We love these colorful robots from EBK. Huggable AND made in environmentally sound ways. Plus they are created by three local (cool) moms/aunts. $30