Gifts that Keep Them Busy - (cool) progeny gift guide 2012

Need a gift that will help wile away the long hours of winter break — and hey, added bonus, the kids might learn something? Here are a few ideas for keeping little minds and fingers busy! Need other ideas? Check out our 100+ gift ideas in our 2012 Holiday Guide.

1. Soup Should Be Seen and Not Heard
by Beth Brainard | Pleasure of Your Company
Lighthearted fun helps teach kids — and kids at heart — all about manners and etiquette. $16.99

2. No Limit Texas Hold Em Dreidel
Jewish Museum of Maryland
Take dreidel play to the next level and cross it with poker. Lots of amusement for those those eight crazy nights. $25

3. Marble Maze
by Q-BA | Shananigans Toy Shop
Marble maze + construction tour! Every dinosaur, robot, flower, fish, sun or tower is a working marble maze. Tons ‘o fun. Prices vary by set.

4. Ride-On Bumblebee
by Prince Lionheart | Soft and Cozy Baby
It moves in all directions — even circles. Loveable, cushiony ride-on that’s as cute as it is durable.

5. Paper Pipe Robots
By Piperoid | Shananigans Toy Shop
Made in Japan, we love these miniature rolls of paper that turn into a funky robot. $15.99

6. Translucent Magna-Tiles
By Valtech | aMuse Toys
Geometric shapes meet magnets. Tactile and colorful — sized just right and easy to use, whether creating designs on a flat surface or building in 3-D! {Add a light table. PHENOMENAL!} $59.99

7. Freestyle Mini Luge
by Zipfy | aMuse Toys
They say there will be LOTS of snow this winter. Doesn’t your mini-me need a (cool) mini luge? $39.99

8. Trunki with Accessories
by Melissa and Doug | aMuse Toys
Trunkis aren’t just for long journeys, they’re also perfect for sleepovers, trips to relatives’ houses, Summer camps or for toy storage at home. With an array of accessories, your kiddo can customize and create their very own design. $39.99 + Accessories and Stickers

9. Create a Shop
by MakeDo | Shananigans Toy Shop
Look what a cardboard box can become when you add a MakeDo Art Kit? Yeah, we think it’s pretty amazing, too. $20

10. 3-in-1 Mini-Kick (or conversion kit if you have one!)
by Kickboard USA | aMuse Toys
Our FAVORITE scooter now comes with as a 3-in-one — so your toddler can enjoy it as a ride-on, too! Pure genuis. We love something that grows with your kid. $119