As Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve been thinking more and more about gratitude in our house. But it’s a tough concept to explain to a four-year-old. So we started a daily dose of gratitude jar.

A simple concept: just a jar and stones that say what we’re thankful for. Each day, we would add to the jar as a meditation of thanks.

It’s funny. When we started this little project I didn’t know how long it would really last. I mean, how many days would we forget, and how are we going to fit all that we are thankful for on one little stone!?

Well, we have definitely missed days but being thankful is simple. Sometimes it only takes one word to acknowledge our gratitude. Like that morning it was still dark… and really cold. One word: “coffee”

Jar of Thanks

The practice of giving thanks out loud and actually writing it down has given us a little something in our day that is more tangible. We are reminded how grateful we really are for the sunshine and smiling babies or yummy food and new school friends.

Matteo has been the real enthusiast behind this little project, reminding us each day to “write on our thankful rocks” and well, you can’t really go wrong with a four year old who wants to stop and be grateful… Even if it’s because he gets to use the permanent marker.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family.