Super excited to announce that one of our fav kindie bands is headlining Harbor Harvest this weekend. If you haven’t had a chance to hear Recess Monkey, you absolutely do NOT want to miss their concert at West Shore Park on Saturday. Added bonus? The concert is FREE.

Recess Monkey

As a mom, Recess Monkey wooed me with their rock-inspired melodies that don’t grate adult nerves meshed with kid-friendly lyrics. But I became a full-time groupie after seeing them live in New York last winter and getting to chat with the band afterwards. Not only are they down to earth, but they have a genuine love of educating kids in fun and meaningful ways — through music.

You see, Recess Monkey is a band of working preK and elementary school teachers. {Yeah, can you imagine a day in their class?} Think of their music like a Beatles-infused kiddie cocktail with a splash of sparkly pants. Just plain fun. Rather than stay on stage, they constantly engage with their audience and specifically the kids. Everyone is on their feet at a Recess Monkey concert. Which is PERFECT for kids.

Recess Monkey

The band’s more recent album is entitled In Tents — all about the carnival. Your kiddos will have a blast grooving to tunes like Sit and Spin or getting weirded out by Odditorium. Here’s a sneak peek at the Bug’s favorite song:

Recess Monkey concert on Saturday? It’s a definite don’t miss!