Frankenstorm? Say, what?

Huff post {and every local news outlet promo for tonight’s newscast} are saying we’ve got some rather nasty weather headed our way, a “winter storm hybrid worse than the 1991 Perfect storm.” Just in time to ruin Halloween AND wreak havoc on election day. As a homeowner undergoing renovations with a backyard full of debris, saying we’re not thrilled about this would be the understatement of the year. {Insert adult language.}

This has the potential to be a huge headache. Now, I’m not a fear monger. I don’t run to the grocery store at the first sight of snow and I certainly don’t jump on the latest media-frenzied parenting scare. But I am Type A and like to do my research.

The facts: I don’t like any weather where meteorologists expect it to cost $1 billion in damages. Utilities all along the east coast are working to head off long-term power outages. Everyone seems to be reporting it’s going to be a big mess. Foot’s Forecast, who’s generally conservative and on the money, wrote that heavy rain, strong winds and tidal rises are increasingly likely.

The verdict: Time to start giving Storm Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) the respect she is so clearly demanding.

These are not professional tips — they are my own and I’ve revised them a little bit since we first posted them before Hurricane Irene. Take ‘em with a grain of salt. Here’s how our family is preparing in no particular order of importance:

  • Nab and charge an extra cell battery. If power goes out, cell phones should still {hopefully — provided we won’t have a cell meltdown in the mid-atlantic region).
  • Power up the iPad. We’ll be making sure to have a few movies to entertain the Bug. TV trance might not be so bad of a thing in the event of crazy high winds.
  • Make sure “follows” are up to date. I don’t know about you, but Twitter is my most reliable source of info during weather events. I’ll be following BGE, State of Maryland, Baltimore City Agencies, and the local news stations. Be curious to see which one is the fastest with info!
  • Put emergency numbers all in one place. Just in case the iPhone doesn’t work, I’ll want the comfort of knowing how I can reach my pediatrician (not just rely on the directory. Yeah, I can’t remember phone numbers anymore). Power outage?BGE wants reports to be submitted via phone: 1.877.778.2222.
  • Stock up on essentials: Batteries, flashlights, snacks, water, anything medical, toys, and restock the craft bin — note to self: buy applesauce, crackers and buckets. Guess we’ll definitely figure out if the new roof is really up to snuff… Need more ideas about essentials? Visit
  • Become familiar with these flash light games. Never know when this will come in handy…
  • Note potential flying objects and remove them. We are fast and furiously calling every favor in to get the debris OUT of our backyard quicker than we intended to.
  • Fill ‘er up: Not that we’re going anywhere, but we will have a full tank of gas.
  • Do your trick or treat this weekend. Get the costume out and head to one of these super fun fam friendly Halloween events so your kiddo doesn’t miss out on the fun! And you get your money’s worth (or time’s worth) out of that Yo Gabba Gabba costume…
  • Stock up on whatever will take the edge off (wine? beer?). You may need it.

What would you add?

Image courtesy of Foot’s Forecast