I’ll come clean. I have a bit of a type A personality. I like to think it’s an easy-going-don’t-let-the-small-things-rattle-you type a personality, but nonetheless, I’m type A. I think it has something to do with birth order {yes, I’m the eldest.}

So living in a house that’s being renovated on one level and pulled apart/repainted/redecorated on the second level? WHAT was I thinking doing all of this at the same time?!?

Oh yeah, there’s a baby on the way.

Here’s a little photo story of the rehab progress happening on the first level:

New Slider

After the ancient awning came down, the back space was prepped for new siding and got a new slider door (which saves interior space as opposed to the beautiful — but wide-swinging– french doors). We also had to have a new roof put on the back room with an 18 inch overhang.

Interior Demo

Then our contractor started ripping out the interior walls. One benefit of a new roof? New ceiling height! My 6′ 3″ brother used to bang his head on the fan trying to walk out our back door. Not any more.

Floor Rip Out

Then came the floor demo. We found out that our tile floor was previously just sitting on a concrete slab (no insulation!?!) which explains why this back room got so darn cold in the winter. Of course, after the tear out came the new framing and lots of insulation. What you see here is some blown in insulation reused from the ceiling. That was topped with polyiso insulation.{{I’m learning new words every day.}}


Look! Plywood! Ready for cement board and tile — which might be happening next week. Right now, our contractors are working on framing the interior walls (including a new coat closet, pantry and office nook), getting the new electrical outlets hooked up, etc.


So yes, this is what our backyard looks like. If you look closely on the bottom left, you see a remnant of orange mushroom wallpaper. That was EVERYWHERE when we took down the interior walls. 70s time warp.

What’s happening upstairs? Well, painting should be completed this week and the new Ikea Wardrobes are being delivered on Saturday. Once our room is finished and organized, we’ll start demo in the walk-in-closet for the new baby space. The one room we weren’t planning on touching too much was the Bug’s, but she’s getting a brand new “Big Girl” bunk bed and some shelves. Of course, new bed means new bedding and we’ve been on the hunt for her “new favorite sheets” as she calls them. Preferably something without a life-size Disney princess, but I may cave.

Stay tuned for those photos!


Operation Make Room for Baby: Master Bedroom Before Pics