I LOVE holiday decorating, especially using crafts my girls have made.  Here’s a quick and easy fall craft that we worked on one afternoon using corks and some finger paints.

Fall Cork Tree via (cool) progeny
This craft is so great because it doesn’t require any special supplies.  You just need some finger paints, a plain piece of paper, a brown piece of construction paper and something we have plenty of in our house, wine corks.

First, I cut a tree shape out of brown construction paper and glued it to white card stock. You can use white paper, construction paper, any plain piece of paper you have at home.  It would be really cute to paint the trunk and wait for it to dry, but we were a little impatient.  We picked out some fall colors, red, yellow, brown and orange and a few different size corks to paint with.

Fall Cork Tree
Dip the corks in the paints and watch your little artist go to town.  Finley decided that most of her leaves had already fallen off the tree……..

We had so much fun that we decided to make a whole set to use for place mats at Thanksgiving dinner!

Fall Cork Tree via (cool) progeny
And that’s it!  In just a few minutes.  So easy and so pretty!