Does your neighborhood Boo each other? Not sure even what that means? Read on… I just know it’s a tradition you’ll love to start in your own neighborhood!

get booed! (cool) progeny

I’d always wanted to live in a neighborhood that booed each other, so I was beyond thrilled when we opened the front door of our new home one October morning to discover a plastic pumpkin packed full of treats and goodies for my kiddos. Attached was a note instructing us to place a “We’ve Been Booed” sign in our front window (so as to alert the other neighbors that we had already been booed) and to pack up our own basket of goodies along with a copy of the sign and deliver them secretly to another neighbor who hadn’t been booed yet.

get booed! (cool) progeny

My girls were SO excited to sneak around the neighborhood after dark to deliver our treats to unsuspecting friends. The best part was watching how far the “Boo” spread up and down the street, around the block, and even over to the next neighborhood area. Signs popped up on every window, and kids eagerly chatted and tried to guess who had booed who. It’s such a fun tradition and one my girls look forward to every fall.

Download the FREE printables I designed that you can just print and BOO! The printables include a “We’ve been booed!” sign, instructions for how to Boo your neighbors and a fun little poem to get everyone in the boo-ing spirit.

Now get out there and BOO! Your neighbors are going to love it!