Admit it. Your 3 year old comes home from preschool or a recent story time with a giant painting. You oohh. You ahhhh. And then you start shoving 25 other paintings crowding your fridge in order to find room for the latest masterpiece.  Masterpiece shuffling is a parenting art, and just as you’re ready to stick tape/magnet, four other pieces of art come crashing down.

Well, there’s an app for that.

Let me introduce you to ArtKive, a handy little app that lets you take photos of your child’s artwork and archive it digitally. Simply snap, tag and securely store in their cloud-based archive. You can create a share circle online {yes, that means you can take a picture of the art and Grandma can immediately see it!} or create a coffee table book, calendar or mug.

It really is a fun way to archive your child’s art without the boxes of clutter! Artkive will attach a “plaque” at the bottom of each image that shows which child created the artwork, what grade they are/were in, the date created, and a title…just like you’d see next to art in a gallery.

The app and service are FREE. Printing fees are similar to those for other like-services.

Pretty (cool), huh?