The Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance has been working to be the collective voice and advocate for city families since 2008. But like many grassroots organizations, they had hit a membership plataeu at about 500 active downtown families. Today, DBFA President Judy O’Brien announced their plans to fix that:

Membership to DBFA is now FREE. All it requires is an email address — and a desire to be kept informed about DBFA’s ongoing efforts to improve downtown living for all families.

The ultimate goal of DBFA is to take on the challenge of making Baltimore a place where families choose to raise their children. “Whether it’s connecting new downtown families with each other, sponsoring and promoting local family-friendly events, or advocating for better schools, safer neighborhoods, and more green spaces, DBFA has always focused on improving city life for downtown families,” writes O’Brien in a recent letter to DBFA families.

They’ve done quite a bit with their current membership: the construction of Pierce’s Park and the increasing number of families electing to utilize their neighborhood schools are just two important achievements.

Imagine what this fantastic local organization can do with 5,000 families behind them? And now, with no membership fee, there is nothing stopping you from being one of those supporters.

In addition to keeping abreast of city policies that affect you and your growing family, your DBFA membership entitles you to:

  • Free admission to DBFA events.
  • Invitations to DBFA’s free Members Only Skating and Pool Parties.
  • Special discounts on memberships and admissions to local cultural organizations, businesses, and service providers in downtown Baltimore.* (These membership discounts are only available to current members until January 1, 2013 — when they will be open to all new members, too! This allows DBFA partners to scale accordingly).
  • The chance to support a growing network of families and help downtown Baltimore communities thrive.

So swing by DBFA’s site and become a member today!