If your preschooler is anything like mine, as soon as you pull out the iPad to catch up on email or the latest news feeds, the negotiating starts.

“Can I play on the iPad?”
“Just one game?”
“Hey – I’ve got a great idea. How about we BOTH play on the iPad?”
“How about we share. I play for five minutes and then you play for five minutes.”

And so it goes.

But the clever minds at Out of Print Clothing have come up with a hipster solution that may save the sanity of moms everywhere: out of print book jackets for your iPad, Kindle or Nexus7. Make ’em think your catching up post-collegiately on A Clockwork Orange while you’re really scoping your bestie’s newsfeed.

That, my friends, is genius.

It’s not a budget-buster either. $45 nabs you a cover a la The Great Gatsby, Lolita, Pride and Prejudice, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Moby Dick, On the Road, Atlas Shrugged, Slaughterhouse-Five or The Invisible Man. The company, which recently launched a Kickstarter project to get this venture going, is promising more titles in the near future.

And since they’ve already doubled their initial Kickstarter Goal and there are 15 days left to back them, we can’t wait to see this come to market! Add it to your holiday shopping lists now.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to the editors at Cult of Mac for sharing this item. Yeah, we read their stuff in addition to Nordstorm’s trend reports and Real Simple (among others). We’re (cool) like that.

Image Credit: Out of Print Clothing