Expecting? Well, Facebook has an app for that.

As part of their timeline feature, Facebook now offers “Expecting a Baby” as a life event. You can enter the due date, the baby’s gender and tag the co-parent. {Can you see the Lifetime movie now? I Found Out I Was a Going to Be a Father/Mother on Facebook). Other information fields include location (um?), story (this could be cute or too much information — jury is still out) and a photo.

In all seriousness, in our socially connected world, this is a nice option to notify the world of your good news. And we do mean notify. Life events — such as expecting a baby, a wedding, a birthday, an engagement — are considered important news feed items. They are privileged higher than your bestie’s latest Instagram photo and will most likely show up in the upper right hand corner (also known as the “Celebrations” section) of your Facebook friends’ news feed. This is where you currently see the day’s birthdays and your event notifications.

So be sure you’ve told your Grandma before posting. She might love being on Facebook to see the family photos, but she definitely ranks high enough to get a phone call!

Image courtesy of Mashable