It seems that as soon as someone finds out your pregnant {you know, the moment when you catch them stare at your growing belly with an awkward “I really want to ask but shouldn’t” glazed look and you offer up the info to ease their anxiety}, their next question is:

“Have any weird cravings yet?”

Pickles with chocolate ice cream is simply synonymous with gestating a human.

For me, it’s been mostly food aversion. It’s easier for me to tell you what I don’t want to eat rather than what I do want to eat at this point. What’s on the do not touch list? French fries {Can’t even smell them}. Tomato sauce.  Sauteed spinach. Dried mangoes. Prime rib {it’ll take a glass of wine post-pregnancy before I can tell that story}. ANYTHING fried. And although I never liked it before — after being confined on an airplane with a guy consuming the largest bag I’ve ever seen —  I never EVER want to look at beef jerky. Never. Ever. Again.

That said, there are a few things I’ve been craving from some of our fav Charm City foodie stops:

Marinated Cucumbers from Stone Mill Bakery
Ok, so maybe this is my version of a pickle craving. Stone Mill marinates cucumbers in something just a wee bit sweet (Mirin maybe?) and tosses on some dill. Fresh. Flavorful. Light. Pretty sure I could eat these all day and never tire of them. They come standard on the Balsamic Chicken Salad, but I always ask for them as a side.

Beignets with Lemon Curd from LAmill Coffee
Forget the chocolate (can’t believe I’m saying that). Their beignets are even more amazing with the lemond curd. I’ve had dreams about these. Really.

Fresh Local Peaches from Weber’s Cider Mill Farm
Yeah, not much more to say about these. Delicious. Even more delicious with some South Mountain Creamery cream freshly whipped.

California Dream Quesadilla from Paper Moon Diner
Avocado, tomato, cheddar, basil and swiss on a quesadilla? Yum. But I have to take it to go. Fries abound here (and they are great… when I’m not pregnant). There’s a reason their tagline is “Where Baltimore does Comfort Food.”

Nociolla Gelato from Pitango
Local ingredients. Organic. Hazlenut. Yum. Their Mojito Sorbet is also great for morning sickness, thanks to the mint.

What local foods did you (or are you) craving?