If you follow us on facebook, then you probably saw my afternoon giggle post about Sesame Street’s take on Call Me Maybe. A spoof featuring Cookie monster, longing for someone to Share it {a cookie} Maybe. Super cute. And a great laugh. {By the way, I can’t take credit for this find. Sarah Kickler Kelber, who writes for The Baltimore Sun over at Homefront, posted about it!}

Come to find out that there are over 1,200 videos on the Sesame Street You Tube Channel. Many of them are pretty clever spoofs or parodies. Here are a few favs for a bit ‘o Friday funny. Enjoy!

Share It Maybe
Spoof on Call Me Maybe

Don’t Stop G-Ing
Spoof of Glee, featuring a parody of Don’t Stop Believing

Hot & Cold
Katy Perry parody of Hot & Cold {We’re overlooking the outfit choice for Sesame Street. Whole other topic}

Jason Mraz parody of his song I’m Yours

Have any other favs you’d like to share? Share it maybe?