It’s a blessing and a curse. Pinterest, the image-based social media network can inspire you while making you feel woefully inadequate if your details aren’t magazine cover perfect. That said, it can be a fabulous party planning tool. If you keep your “keeping up with the Marthas” in tact.

Here are some easy tips for planning with pins:

Create a single board. Create one board specifically for your party. This will make it easy to pin images and visually organize your thoughts.

Use the Pinterest Search feature. Search Pinterest by your party theme, colors, or even the age of the child. Chances are someone has already pinned ideas related to these items.

Don’t forget Google. Google search your party theme by image only. Pin anything that catches your eye. Be sure to label why it caught your eye.

It’s INSPIRATION (not must-dos). Pins don’t have to be exactly related to a particular theme — just inspirational! It might just be a particular color that interests you or an invitation font.

DIY vs. ETSY? You’ll find a ton of Etsy-pinned images on Pinterest. That means you have a choice: use that image as a launching board to recreate it yourself or purchase the handmade product from Etsy. If you’re short on time and the price is right, don’t stress yourself out. Buy it. Slaving over a homemade banner project for three hours doesn’t earn you mommy brownie points.

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Image Credit: Tablescape Photo by Laura Black of Laura Black Photography,  styled  by Laura Beynon of Cupcakes and Lemonade