It’s about time we shared some pretty exciting news. {If you saw me at the Lunch Money concert on Sunday, you may have suspected…} Our little family is growing!

Pat, the Bug and I couldn’t be more thrilled. And thanks to the fabulously talented Laura Black of Laura Black Photography, we had some amazing photos to share the news with our family and close friends a few weeks ago.

The Bug was beyond excited about her “Big Sister” photoshoot. She insisted on wearing her navy satin “aubrey bebpurn” Christmas dress. In 95 degree heat. Hey, it was a special occasion. We did eventually convince her to take a few photos in a summer dress. Provided it was colorful and had flowers.

We started (cool) progeny after the Bug had turned one, so we hadn’t really had a chance to explore how Baltimore caters to expecting moms. Coming next week? Our first installment of the (cool) progeny belly chronicles, which will share info, resources and the oh-not-so-funny-now-but-will-be-later-gee-whiz-you-really-need-a-sense-of-humor-to-get-through-this stories that come with pregnancy. For example, I’m sure you’ve all heard about or experienced your husband’s or partner’s sympathy morning sickness, but it’s a much different experience when your 3-year-old gets in on the action.

Now, the countdown to early February begins.

Thanks again to Laura for these gorgeous photos. A wonderful way to share the news!  {So yes, if you’re expecting and want to break the news to mom and dad in a fun way, you should definitely give Laura a call!}