We are beyond thrilled to partner with Waterfront Partnership to bring Lunch Money LIVE to Baltimore on Sunday for their first-ever Charm City concert. Lunch Money was first featured on (cool) progeny in Mary Alice’s Pandora-tastic article and most recently on our road tripping family play list article. We caught up with lead singer Molly Ledford to learn a little bit more about the South Carolina kindie band, and for a sneak peek of what to expect at Sunday’s concert!

We know our readers can’t wait to hear you all live on Sunday! What can they expect at a live concert?

We’ll be doing all our dancing-est songs with lots of opportunities to bark and roar along. And, you know, the occasional ballad (cell phones in the air!). And the show is totally live – drums, bass, guitar, trombone and now even our kids singing along with us too.

What inspires your music?

I go around keeping an eye out for song ideas everywhere, and I pay attention to my train of thought, hoping to catch an “irregular” idea on the conveyor belt – those usually wind up being songs. Once I have the idea, I rummage through my own childhood memories and watch my own kids for the details to fill out the song. I love details.

Can you share a typical ‘day in the life’ of a Lunch Money band member?

Well, you’d find me palling around with my kids and trying to answer emails on my phone behind a swingset. Jay would be designing websites, and J.P. would be taking lots of pictures. You’d find Russell riding around New Orleans on his bike with a trombone strapped to his back (we import him for shows). And then the bat signal shows up in the sky and we become Lunch Money!

If there was a movie made about you, what would be the title track? (and why that song?)

That’s a really tough one. These days I think the most appropriate song would be Don’t Come With Me by this Australian band I love called The Lucksmiths. It always makes me laugh because the lyrics are really all about being apologetic for having a lot of errands to run. But it’s also really happy and sweet in a chilled-out kind of way. I think a lot of parents would relate to that song!

Favorite snack?


We know this is your first concert in Baltimore. Have you been here before? What are you looking forward to doing during your short visit?

I have only fleetingly been in Baltimore before (long enough to buy my son a souvenir shirt from the aquarium without actually going to the aquarium). So…this time I would love to take my kids to the aquarium. I am also really excited to play for Baltimore families and see this beautiful park!

One of my preschooler’s favorite songs is Cookie!. She dances all around the family room when these come on! I can just imagine the fun mayhem in a concert. Which song is your favorite to perform live and why?

I’m so glad you like Cookie!  That’s one of our favorites, for sure, and it can get wild. I think my favorite might be Everybody’s Coming to the Zoo because the kids get so creative with their dancing – we ask them to dance like their favorite animal. I love to watch the audience while we play it.

Fast forward five years from now: what are you doing?

I hope to be doing this – only better! We’re always looking to improve our show. Our kids are getting a little older – maybe they will be playing instruments with us by then? Between now and then, we really need to make some videos, that’s for sure.

What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever heard anyone say about the Lunch Money?

Sometimes dads email me to tell me that one of our songs made them cry. {Editor’s Note: We have a sneaky suspicion that this “Dad” is Jeff Bogle from Out With The Kids.}

Thanks, Molly, for sharing with us {and for The Lucksmith‘s tip — been listening to them while I type!}! We can’t wait for Sunday’s concert! Planning to join us? RSVP here. You can read more about Lunch Money and jam to their tunes here. {Catch them on Pandora, too!}