Living in a city row house, space is always a premium. I often joke with friends that I’ve become the queen of vertical storage solutions. But the one thing I haven’t been able to overcome is the abundance of artwork that seems to exponentially tag along with a growing a preschooler.

Right now, I have some twine that hangs on my kitchen wall where we clip drying masterpieces with clothespins. And then they stay there until the string starts to sag and I start to purge. {Yes, purge. Let’s be honest, there are only so many 2 year old finger painting projects one mom can keep.} A couple of pieces migrate to a few gallery frames we have hanging over the Bug’s play table.

I know the art will only continue to multiply, so I’ve been looking for great ways to to display without overwhelm. Here are some fab ideas I’ve come across:

Jan Eleni Interiors Collages
This is definitely a bit of a splurge, but NYC Designer Jan Eleni will create a Guggenheim-worthy collage of your child’s art. She has two options available: 1) A hand-cut version of miniature images gallery framed; or 2) an archival pigmented print  on a single sheet (which is rolled and shipped to your home). The archival print? Starts at $950. The hand cut version? Call for pricing.

Wall Decals
We’ve all seen the kids’ artwork gallery ideas with wooden frames — but I love this decal frame idea from Childhood101  just as much. Just a bit more whimsical.

Coffee Table Book
If you can make a photo book, you can make a coffee table book of your child’s art! Photograph or scan the works and create the book in your favorite program (even iPhoto). Image from Inhabitatos.

Clipboard-Inspired Wall Gallery
You  know that space under your first floor front windows? Wouldn’t this be a GREAT idea! This DIY project is from  iHeart Organizing.

Art Cards
What about giving the art away? Keep a stack of art with blank greeting cards and envelopes. Select the appropriate art, cut to size, adhere and give! Grandma will love it. And thanks to The Imagination Studio for the idea!