We are huge fans of the Happy Family Movement. You haven’t heard of them? We have no idea how that’s possible. But our mothers taught us to be polite, so please allow us to introduce you.

The Happy Family Movement is the brainchild of Jenny and Josh Solar, funtabulous photographers from Kansas City. We were introduced to the Solars by John Waire last summer. {{John is an amazing Baltimore photographer, btw!}} In addition to photography, Jenny and Josh wanted to make sure they didn’t squander their children’s childhood. They wanted to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of it. And thus, the Happy Family Movement was born.

Their motto: Go Ahead. Cut Loose. Live Out Loud. Love A lot.  I can easily get on board with that, can’t you?

This summer, they are launching their second Summer Bucket List Challenge, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’re a sponsor.

What exactly is a Summer Bucket List challenge? An opportunity to put together all of the fun things you want to do as a family in Summer 2012. By joining the challenge, you’ll get access to weekly giveaways, tips from The Happy Family Movement via email, and the Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List Challenge Guide.

We’re putting our Bucket List together on Friday and can’t wait to share it! We’ll be sharing photos of our bucket list items every Friday all summer.

Won’t you join us? Sign up for the Summer Bucket List Challenge and get ready for your best summer yet!

Photo Credit: The Happy Family Movement