One of the items on our summer bucket list was to go strawberry picking. My grandparents have a few bushes around their horse farm, but we’d never taken the Bug to a ‘real produce farm.’ Last Saturday, we wound our way to Howard County and Larriland Farm for a strawberry-filled venture.

We had  blast and the Bug loved seeing “where strawberries came from.” Our one fruit-picking rookie mistake? The Bug wore a white skort. All she needed to do was sit down once in the field and it turned into a pink tye-died skort from the strawberry juices.

The process at Larriland is pretty simple but not exactly apparent (we may have had the deer in the headlights look for the first five minutes we were there!). You park your car near the fruit/vegetable field you’d like to pick and are given a container to use (you pay by the pound, so it helps to use their container rather than your own heavy basket, etc.) You are then supposed to go to the attendant in the field who will assign you a row. We missed that step and just started picking Whoops. Luckily, the staff kindly redirected us.

As soon as we were settled in our row, we picked until the Bug’s heart was content. Container full, we and headed over to the in-field cash register to have  our bounty weighed. We picked 4.5 pounds of strawberries and it cost us just about $11. Sweet. {pun intended}

If you’re planning a pick-your-own adventure, you definitely want to pack a bottle of water, sunscreen, a hat and wear an old pair of sneakers. I had flip flops on and left with strawberry-colored toes.

The hardest part of the whole day? Explaining to an almost-three-year-old that she couldn’t eat the strawberries right off the vine. “But, mom!” She said. “That’s when they’re sweetest!” Had to wait to the parking lot. Poor kid.

We had a blast! And highly recommend you give ‘pick-your-own’ strawberries a try.

What did we do with said strawberries? Well, that’s another post. Stay tuned.

Here’s a quick round-up of area pick-your-own strawberry farms:

Baugher’s Orchard
Westminster, Maryland

Brad’s Produce
Churchville, Maryland

Butler’s Orchard
Germantown, Maryland

Huber’s Farm
Kingsville, Maryland

Larriland Farms
Woodbine, Maryland

Lohr’s Orchard
Churchville, Maryland

Shaw Orchards
Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Walnut Springs
Elkton, Maryland