I am a terrible card sender.

I have the best intentions. I painstakingly peruse the card racks. I buy cards — thank you note cards, birthday cards, thinking of you cards. I write the notes in my head. Usually, the perfect sentiments come to me in uber convenient places like the shower or driving to the office. Or that minute of quiet post-bedtime-story when the Bug and I are snuggled up, talking about her day.

So the cards get stashed in a drawer until I get a minute to rummage around and find them again, write the perfect note, address it and walk it to the post office.

Guess how often those cards just end up getting stashed?

Enter Red Stamp. A simple iPhone/iPad app that lets you pen the perfect sentiment in a stunning modern e-card, complete with your own digital photo. You can send the card as an email, text message, facebook message or tweet. Or you can have a printed post card mailed for $1.99. Love is an understatement.

Here are a few designs I just adore:

Did I mention the app is a free download? Yepp. Swoon.

I think this may be how we send our postcards from vacation this summer…