Our friends (and Hampden neighbors!) Spur Design launched an amazingly beautiful iPad app earlier this year: PrestoBingo Shapes. The most amazing thing about the app? How captivating the images are. In a world where children’s app design oftentimes substitutes ‘rudimentary’ for ‘simplistic,’ artist Joyce Hesselberth made her kid-friendly graphics simply gorgeous. It’s a game that looks like a digital picture book.

The concept of the game is to challenge chidren (and, who are we kidding? adults, too!) to find shapes in an illustration. It helps build basic geometry concepts in a fun way, and encourages children to identify the shapes they see all around.

We’re excited to announce that the app is now available for iPhone! Squeee!!! To accomodate a smaller screen, they added a zoom feature. Perfecto.

The iPad app has been praised by the likes of LMNOP, Daily Candy Kids and BabycinnoKids. {{Told you it was that good.}} We bet you’ll be seeing the new iPhone app pop up in those publications soon.

Sorry Droid lovers. The app is not available on an Android platform yet, but Spur hopes to expand to more devices in the future.

Cheers to Joyce and the whole Spur team!

(cool) tip: Did you know that Joyce blogs about fun things to do with kids? Check out her blog, Kid Baltimore.