Many thanks to everyone who came out to splash with us at MAC Harbor East on Thursday for our first snack and swim playdate! We had a splashing good time with all of you and hope you enjoyed your free swim lesson. {Weren’t Ms. Kim and Mr. Lamont great?}

You may or may not be familiar with MAC’s infant/toddler/preschool swim program… but you definitely should be. The instructors are fantastic and through a series of playful games and songs, your child will become more comfortable and confident in the water. This doesn’t mean your 8-month-old will become Michael Phelps before preschool. It does, however, mean that your kiddo will be well on the way to eventual water independence. Infants and toddlers swim with parents during the MAC program (up to 10 children per class) in MAC’s 92 degree salt water splash pool. Preschoolers participate in smaller classes (just four kids) in the therapy pool and parents watch from the side. Taking photos, of course. Programs run for 6 weeks and their next one starts on April 16th.

After swim lessons on Thursday, play date participants were treated to fish food (gold fish crackers) and juice and some funtabulous face painting from Shari Kramer of Funny Faces Face Painting with Shari K. Be sure to follow Shari on facebook for updates and where she’ll be painting next.

We’ve got a playdate photo album up on facebook if you’d like to see more images. Don’t forget to tag yourself.

Many thanks to the MAC for having us!

(cool) tip: Register your child for MAC’s next swim lesson session and skip the summer swim lesson scramble! For more info, please contact Tim Rider at 443-451-5940 or [email protected]