It’s not possible for everyone to get away during spring break. Luckily, we live in a great area for staycationing and day tripping galore. Here are some staycation activities to please the Nature Lovers, Art Aficionados, History Buffs, and Entertainment Fans on your list:

Nature Lovers

On Monday visit Irvine Nature Center for Bird Behavior Bingo. Learn about some of the birds in the area while going on a scavenger hunt! Follow an Irvine naturalist and walk the trails in search of birds performing avian antics. Preening, scratching, singing and soaring; what will you find? All ages.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Grab the kids backpacks, throw in a couple granola bars, some juice boxes and apple slices and hit the trails. Check out’s list of best hiking spots in Maryland. They range from easy to you’ll-definitely-want-to-skip-this-one-if-you-have-young-kids.

For those looking to bring nature home, have the kids create a terrarium or start a carrot garden on your deck, patio or roof. Click here for everything you need to get a container carrot garden started.

Art Aficionados

Plan a visit to see Print to Print at the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Just make sure you don’t make the mistake I did and head there on a Monday or Tuesday when the museum is closed. While touring the exhibit, encourage the kids to pay particular attention to the work of Sonia Delaunay. Ask them what patterns, shapes and colors they like.

After your visit, head home and have the kids try their own hand at print making with potato stampers. Click here for a how-to. Have older kids? Introduce them to freezer stencil printing. All you need is some freezer paper, an iron, an old teeshirt and some fabric paint.

Throw a pottery painting party. Pick up inexpensive dishware (mugs are the best for this) some paint pens and let the kids create their own designs. We did this for teacher gifts this year and the kids had a blast. Click here to see how we did it.

History Buffs

On Sunday, take a step back in time with a visit to the Baltimore Street Car Museum. This hidden gem of a museum, which is one of our family’s favorites, features photos, memorabilia and more from the halcyon days of streetcars. The best part? Rides along the track in beautifully preserved trolleys.

Entertainment Fans

Surprise the kids when you switch things up with pizza, popcorn and a movie in the middle of the day. Pull the curtains closed, have the kids create tickets and a concession stand to set the mood. Kids will enjoy the theater feel, you’ll enjoy some quiet time. It’s a win win all the way around.

Have more staycation ideas? We’re all ears! Share with us in the comments below or join the conversation on facebook.


image credit: dave k. cooper