Please give a warm welcome to our newest contributor, Laura Beynon! Laura is the creative mastermind behind Cupcakes and Lemonade. You may remember the gorgeous cowgirl party that we featured a few weeks ago? That was Laura’s annual birthday fete for her three adorable daughters. {Told ou she was good!} Today, she’s sharing a super fun St. Patrick’s Day craft!

I am a complete sucker for homemade crafts!  With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share a fun and super easy project the girls and I worked on this week.


  • plain white coffee filters
  • blue and yellow markers
  • clean spray bottle filled with water
  • cooling rack
  • paper towels
  • brown construction paper
  • button
  • scrapbook or plain paper
  • frame


Start with plain white coffee filters.  You will need four filters per clover.

Give your little artist a blue and yellow marker.   There is no rhyme or reason to this so let them go to town!

Take all your decorated filters and stack them together.  I stacked in groups of four.

Now for the girls’ favorite part; use a clean spray bottle filled with tap water.  Spray each stack of filters until they are completely saturated.  It’s MAGIC!  Watch the two colors blend together.  I laid my stacks on a cooling rack with some paper towels underneath to catch any drips.

Now, just let them completely dry!   This was the hard part.  I have to confess, I got my hairdryer and dried them, just a little.  The darker “leaves”, the twins did.  Much more intense coloring.  Finley, my 3 year old got bored and gave hers just a little color!

To form your clover leaves, take four dried filters.  Fold each in half and then in half again to form a pie shape.

Completely optional, but I used pinking shears to give each leaf a pretty edge.

Arrange the four leaves and staple the center to secure.  It’s that simple.  Since we are going to display these, I glued a button in the center of each clover and cut a stem out of brown construction paper, just for extra decoration.

Frame. And it’s that easy!  A cute St. Patrick’s Day decoration.    I love how these turned out and it was so fun!