editor’s note: you may have seen that our Eco-Easter Eggstravaganza Play Date  features EcoKids Eco Eggs. We thought you might like to learn a little bit more about this company — and why we love them! Today, play guru Claudia Towles gives us the 411!

Made in the USA and family owned, eco-kids believes in creative play the natural way. They produce all natural art supplies, including the eco-eggs dye we will be using at our upcoming play date: eco easter eggstavaganza. As with many great companies the concept came from their passion to create products from natural ingredients that are more likely to be found at a farmers market than a pharmacy.  Literally, initial batches of eco-kids raw materials were grown in a backyard garden. All recipes are developed but Kip and Cammie with the help of their kids [and product testers] Jack, Maggie and Gus.

The eco-eggs dye is made of a variety of fruit and vegetable blends, producing what they refer to as eco-kids primaries: orange, blue and purple. Using their color chart you can create a whole series of colors.

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing the eco-kids family for a few years now and can honestly say there are few business as committed and passionate about delivering the very best to consumers.  Using non-toxic, natural ingredients Kip and Cammie developed their staple product eco-dough which is rich in color, soft in texture and has a delicate aroma that adds to the play experience.

Eco-kids has also created gluten free versions of their popular products for those with specific allergies going as far as producing a single modified batch for a customer with a unique allergy.

Check out their website for more information on their products (especially their eco eggs!). You can also download some of their fun activity sheets here.