Last night, we had a chance to check out the brand new Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World exhibit at the Maryland Science Center, as part of their exhibit opening festivities. If creepy crawlers make you squeamish, this may not be the exhibit for you… {Case in point? You will find yourself up close and personal with a tarantula.}

Kids, of course, will adore it.

Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World contains nine interactive modules which all feature hands-on activities for guests to explore. Through the exhibit, you get to know Harry, a Chinese praying mantis, and a diverse group of his insect friends. And this isn’t a little admiration from afar type exhibit. In true science-center style, it’s an exhibit that will engage all of your senses. That includes taste. See below.

Here are some photos from last night’s fun! You can catch the fully interactive exhibit now through April 29, 2012. Admission to the exhibit is included in your museum admission fee.

The Bug found a friend.

Pat decided to try his luck at cricket spitting. Yes, you read that right. He could spit it 15 feet. Read into that what you will.

The moving tree (aka stilt artist) was a huge hit with our Bug. One of those phenomenons that was just a wee bit creepy, but so so (cool).

The Science Center staff knew how to get in the good graces of the mini-mes attending their party… huge cupcakes with gummy worms and umbrella drinks. The Bug was in sugar heaven.

Pat’s reaction to the Bug eating tons of red frosting close to bedtime. {You just cringed a little too, right?} No worries. Bed time was a little later than usual, but not bad at all.

If cupcakes weren’t your thing, you could treat yourself to chocolate chip cookies with crispy crickets or poached wax worms.  The Bug Chef will apparently be whipping up these insect-able delicacies every weekend…

Petting millipedes. You can get very hands on with many of the bugs in the exhibit!

Tarantula. There really isn’t anything more to be said about this particular photo.

Meeting Harry, the star of the show! Too fun!

Find out more about Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World, sponsored by Terminix, by visiting the Maryland Science Center website.