Baltimore’s favorite kid-friendly rock band (and let’s be honest, parent fan-favorite too!) is gearing up for their Second Valentine Spectacular this Saturday. Milkshake will be rocking Grace Fellowship Church in Lutherville  at 10:30 AM on Saturday in a benefit kidstravaganza for Arts on Stage. We caught up with band member (and mom) Lisa Matthews for a concert sneak peek, and to learn more about Milkshake’s new Kickstarter project.

Tell us a little bit about what to expect at this year’s Valentine Spectacular.
I think it’ll be better organized that the first Valentine Spectacular last year, simply because of the space and the fact that Arts On Stage has been incredibly helpful promoting the event and getting some fun components together. We’ll have cherubs and Moo and face painters this year, along with at least two crafts tables sponsored by Macaroni Kid Baltimore and Charm City Kids Club, and even a book fair by Usbourne Books.  And the theatre has a beautiful big screen that will be showing Milkshake videos, old cartoons and bits from the Beatles’ movie “Yellow Submarine,” so if you get there early and just want to sit in the theatre, it’ll be a good time.

Interesting venue choice. What drew you to Grace Fellowship Church?
We didn’t pick the venue this year. The non-profit Arts On Stage, this year’s Valentine Spectacular beneficiary, said they’d find a place and came up with Grace Fellowship.  It actually doesn’t look anything like a traditional church outside or in, and inside is a wonderful 1,000 seat theatre. It also has a great big parking lot.

We see you’re choosing to support Arts on Stage with this year’s concert. How are you involved with the organization? What do you love about it?
Actually, I didn’t know much about it until Jamie Papas from Arts On Stage approached me after a Milkshake concert and asked if we’d consider doing a fundraiser for them.  The date they wanted happened to be right around Valentines Day, so it seemed to make sense to coordinate efforts around the Second Annual Valentine Spectacular.  Arts On Stage is a non profit that seeks to bring affordable theatre arts to the schools.  And that’s very important to us. 

Outside of the concert, do you have any Valentine’s day traditions?
I like to wear pink and red and buy my husband and daughter really yummy chocolate in a heart-shaped box. I like to put little valentines in their lunches and on their pillows.  I like to sing “I Love You,” a song off Great Day, to my daughter as she’s falling asleep (although it’s certainly not the only time I sing it 🙂  I say “I Love You” to family and friends. Everyone needs to hear that once in a while, and Valentine’s Day reminds us to do so.

Really excited about your newest cd project, which is a collection of songs less than 2 minutes. We especially love how you’re inviting the community to not only support financially but be a part of the project. If you nab the Kickstarter funding in the next 40 days, when do you anticipate releasing the cd?
Thanks, we’re excited about it, too. But we sure do need people to take a moment and visit the Kickstarter page and consider pledging.  I honestly think it’s a very win-win thing, Kickstarter.  It lets the artist, designer, whoever putting up the project really see if there’s enough interest to even do it.  So if we raise the funds for “Got a Minute?” then we’ll do it, and if not, then to us it means we shouldn’t bother.  Here’s the link.

Milkshake House Party sounds so (cool). What happens at a house party?
Oh, yes, that’s one of the more expensive pledges, but really great for someone planning a birthday party or just wanting to give back to a school or library. Not only does the person pledging get Mikel and I and everything necessary to put on a personally tailored concert, but you get all those other goodies, like the limited edition t-shirt, 2013 Milkshake calendar or tutu, the CD, autographed photo of the band in the studio…I think it’s a great deal.

Have you written any of the less than 2 minute songs? Can you share a title or two?
It Is What It Is” and “Pet Shop