Admittedly, we haven’t had too much crazy cold weather this winter. But, I’ve been a mid-atlantic girl long enough to know that March usually comes in like a lion. So baby, you can bet it’ll be cold outside for a wee bit longer.

Run out of funtabulous things to do with the kids yet? Pining for day-long park ventures?

The Happy Family Movement has your back. They’ve recently released their first indoor adventure guide: simple ways to cut loose, live out loud and love a lot… right inside your own house.

Tagline on the first page? Housebound is just as awesome as you make it. They had me at awesome.

Thirty-five pages of fun, organized into planning-friendly categories: quickies (under an hour), when the forecast calls for ‘blech-turning to sunshine later” (1-2 hours), and absolutely NOT going outside today (3-4hours).  You may have noticed that their fun-but-totally-real-tone resonates with me. And chances are if you’re a frequent (cool) progeny reader, it’ll resonate with you, too!

A few of my favorite activities from the guide:

  • Pretend Barber Shop: This is a quickie activity. It involves foam shaving cream. And mowhawks. SCORE.
  • Family Photo Booth: Getting goofy with a camera and jedi swords. I’m game. It’s a 1-2 hour activity.
  • Indoor Beach Party: Everything you love about the day of the beach right inside your family room. Sans sand. All day adventure.

Not only did the Solar Family (the gurus behind the guide and the whole incredibly (cool) Happy Family Movement) pull together activities, they included a handy little supply list AND all of the printables to bring their ideas to life. Takes the pain out of planning and requires no Martha-level crafting skills.

100% worth the $15 digital download fee.

Go ahead. Cut loose. Build a cup fort. Get your spy training on. This guide shows you how… and the design/layout is gorgeous to boot.


(cool) tip: want to get to know the Solars? Check out the Happy Family Movement blog and follow them on Twitter. You’ll thank me for this tip. Promise

disclaimer: I received a free review download of the guide to review, and agreed only to share it with all of you if I liked it (of course, I LOVE it– I’m a huge fan of all things Happy Family Movement!). All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. That’s my deal with all of you — 100% honesty
image credit: the happy family movement