We all have those mornings where it seems impossible to open your eyes, and actually rise. More unfathomable to fulfill the anticipated shine part! does your energy wear off at that magical hour of 3pm on most days? It’s always right when the day feels like it should be over but in fact it’s quite far from that dreamy and luxurious wind-down time. These are all feelings that are very normal in our lives today. Our routines and our schedules are exhausting.

It doesn’t matter where we are working, maybe it’s at our offices and during our commute, or at home, and always in between. we are tired people! If you’re like most of us, you’re not only working all of those places but also working to raise a happy little human. Some days it really can feel like an insurmountable task to just keep it all going.

There are alternatives to that 3pm latte to keep you shining all day. We have heard them before: water, exercise, better sleep, healthy diet, more water, and more exercise. Right, but what are those actual foods? Those star-studded, power-house foods that can boost your diet and give you a healthy dose of balanced energy throughout your day?

High in fiber, magnesium, and protein — all key nutrients and minerals that affect energy levels in the body. Great source of B1, which helps to breakdown the food we ingest and turn it into sustained energy for the body.

greek yogurt
A great afternoon slump snack! The probiotics found in yogurt help to fight against bad bacteria (the number one cause of brain fog) and work to restore your intestinal flora with healthy, happy bacteria. Probiotics also boost the amino acid tryptophan in your brain, which in turn, help to ward off fatigue and promote good sleep. Greek yogurt also has double the protein than regular yogurt.

More than just an immune booster! Vitamin C is an important antioxidant in fighting fatigue and keeping you alert. It is necessary in producing healthy blood cells, and helps your body absorb iron. Vitamin C is especially excellent at fighting off the fatigue that comes with virus and infections. Find vitamin C in other foods beside oranges, like kiwi and red bell peppers, both of which have more vitamin C then an orange!

High in potassium (more than a banana), a helpful nutrient to fight fatigue and depression by working to keep the body in balance. Avocado’s are very high in vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E — all vital components for a glowing complexion, lubricated muscle tissue, and a healthy nervous system.

Heart healthy food that is high in zinc, high in folate, and high in potassium. Lentils are rich with essential amino acids like tryptophan and are a high protein food that keeps blood sugar levels stable and moods elevated.

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