Ok, spill. How many of you religiously watch Project Runway and play designer via your family room couch — but secretly don’t know how to sew?

Me too.

So I love the the fact that Wee Chic makes it so darn easy for me to style my kid (despite my lacking needle and thread skills) through their seasonal trunk shows. This week they have the fabulously (cool) spring samples from LAmade available to peruse. Think grown-up style — like funky tunics and layered dresses — in pint sizes and colors. Had to consistently remind myself that I was shopping for the Bug and the clothes only came in up to girls’ size 14 {which would NOT fit me}.

What’s a trunk show? An opportunity to preview a specific label before it ships to your favorite store and preorder certain pieces of the line in whatever colors are available.

Yes, that does mean I have to think about spring and summer clothes while it’s 35 degrees and howling. Know what else it means? I don’t have to worry about whether or not by favorite boutique has my child’s size in stock because that purple dress is being shipped to the store from LAmade specifically for the Bug. Sweet.

Bridget, Wee Chic’s Founder and Buyer, walked me through the entire collection and brainstormed what would look best (and work best) for the Bug. My kid literally has her own stylist.

Bridget’s spring line pick? The siromodal neon stripe top in dessert flower, a tres chic top seemingly inspired by 80s fashion that was actually good with a nod neon in a way that won’t give you an involuntary scrunchie twitch. That’s my description — not hers.

I loved loved loved the Daisy Dress because it just screamed BUG. The variegated french terry pullover with criss cross back was super super cute and had a great weight for chilly spring and summer nights. Not-so-secretly delighted to see that LAmade brought back the skort style the Bug sported all summer long last year. Ordered that in two colors. May have squealed. Literally.

Did I mention that Wee Chic is the only boutique in the US to hold an LAmade trunk show? Yeah, they are that (cool). You can catch the show today until 6 PM and tomorrow from 10 AM – 5 PM at Wee Chic in Green Spring Station.

(cool) tip: Wee Chic is also having a fab sale right now. And if you friend them on facebook there just may be a 20% off deal for FB fans… just saying.