Every once in a while, a Saturday comes along that’s truly magical. It’s (usually) not some big event or concert or trip or dinner out. And you never know when they’re coming because they aren’t planned or structured. Those rare Saturdays when you wake up and when your husband asks “so what’s on tap for today,” you can honestly reply… nothing.

We had one of those Saturdays last weekend and found ourselves in Fells Point. No plan. Just enjoying the neighborhood and some much-needed Heather-Pat-Bug time. With some many places to be during the holidays, our free time in Fells felt like a bit like vacation.

{Note to self: perhaps we need a bit more unscheduled time in our life. Just saying.}

Best part? I got to play with my new photo lens and capture a bit of our ‘nothing.’ Enjoy.

Perfect Saturdays…
are an unplanned stroll with no intended destination or timetable.
The ability to just let loose.


 Introducing your toddler to cioccolato gelato… just like you remember from when you and your husband were living in Italy.



Explaining how things work, why things work, what things do… and taking your time doing so instead of rushing to answer the million toddler ‘whys.’
Wandering aimlessly, taking in a bit of neighborhood flavor.



 Making sidewalk angels.
Counting seagulls. Just because.


 Having a chance to slow down and see things from a different perspective.


 So what are you doing today?