It’s no secret that I am a kids’ music snob. Butchering of ‘real’ music to make it ‘kid friendly’ really grates on my parenting patience. Especially if the instrumental is reduced to keyboard-generated harpsichord. Yowza.

Needless to say, I make a point of seeking out great music with kid-friendly lyrics. It’s a personal parenting mission.

The newest tunes to hit our iPod? The fun and funky musical stylings of Recess Monkey.

Love them. Seriously.

The Bug received one of their CDs as part of the Boogie Monster Dance Kit (includes the Boogie Monster book by Jodie Bisset, Recess Monkey CD and monster leg warmers. The gift was a huge hit by the way). Pat and I always have a little trepidation putting ‘untested’ kid cds in the player… because if the Bug loves it and we can’t stand it, well, let’s say it’s a conundrum and leave it at that.

Recess Monkey was a huge — and pleasant — surprise. Comprised of three teachers from Washington state, the band has a high-energy Beatles-infused style that they couple with pint-sizer lyrics in original tunes. Heavily influenced by 60s rock. They’re singable. Danceable.

Likeable. {For realz, hon.}

And– if you haven’t noticed — they don’t take themselves too seriously. Which earns them extra gold stars in my book.

We’ve played the CD at least twice a day since we got it and I can honestly report I don’t want to throw it out the window — nor do I want to bang my head against the wall when a particular refrain goes into instant replay mode in my head. The music has a high-scoring-adult-likeability-factor (like Milkshake) and is everything the Wiggle’s aren’t.


Our car ride iPod track needed a kick and their music really rocks {pun intended.} The Bug is particularly fond of Knocktopus and Haven’t Got a Pet Yet. Ironic, because she has three. Here’s a peak at the pet song:


Recess Monkey will be on the east coast next month with shows in New York and Vienna, Virginia. Seriously considering a concert trek…

Photo Credit: Kevin Fry, courtesy of the Recess Monkey Media Page.