We had so much fun on Saturday at our Treasure Map Play Date with Classic Play, A Childhood List and aMuse Toys! Of course, we all know how much charm Baltimore has — but to see all of the city’s treasures on one art project was pretty darn (cool).

Some favorite area treasures? Domino Sugar, Baltimore Museum of Art,  Hippodrome, Tulip Garden, 34th Street Lights, Waverly Market, Elmo, Maryland Zoo, American Visionary Art Museum, Oprah, crabcakes and many many more.

In addition to map making, we had some photo fun, snacks and lots of giveaways. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the action! Can’t wait to share the photos being submitted to BIG Kids Magazine, courtesy of the fabulous Dave K. Cooper.

Many many thanks to all who came to play with us!