If you’re anything like me, I agonize over finding just the right holiday card. Coupled with that search is the trek for the perfect (and I do mean — perrrrfeccttt) photos out of my seemingly endless collection of Bug images.

Laura Black Photography and mlc designs put me out of my self-imposed misery. {Merry Christmas to me!}

You may or may not be aware of the free photo sessions Wee Chic Boutique and Laura Black co-sponsor a few times a year {become a Wee Chic fan on Facebook to be kept in the know}. Each free — yes, free– session gets you 20 minutes with the fabulous Laura Black inside Wee Chic’s store and/or in the Green Spring Station courtyard, plus one free 8 X 10. The images are always incredible and Laura is a real pro when it comes to capturing cuties.

In November, Laura partnered with Madeline Comoglio of mlc designs to offer beautiful, modern holiday card designs to Wee Chic mini-session participants. Madeline worked with me to put together a gorgeous and fun holiday card. And I just had to share part of it with all of you. Here’s the front of the card. Keeping the back a secret. {My family reads this blog. Need some surprises in life!}

May your holiday be full of sparkles.

PS: Recognize the outfit? Yeah, Laura Black shot the cover photo for our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Told you she has incredible talent. So does Madeline. You should call them.