So, we’ve got some sort of ick in our house. Both Pat and the Bug aren’t faring too hot (well, or maybe ‘overly hot’ is the right description). Christmas morning breakfast has pretty much been the last thing on my mind– but it’s literally a few days away.

Rather than let this mom-dilemma escalate to def con 5 level, I decided to start perusing my favorite area foodie blogs for some inspiration. And because some of you may be in the same boat as me, thought I’d share what I found!

Word to the wise… this post will make you hungry. My stomach has been growling since I started writing it!

Walnut French Toast Pudding Casserole
Sounds like a dessert, doesn’t it? My blog buddy Liza from aMusing Foodie posted this right after Thanksgiving. No overnight soaking AND only about 10 minutes prep time.

Tomato Bruschetta Eggs Benedict with Capocollo and Basil Hollandaise
Pat is a huge (and I mean huge) Eggs Bennedict fan. Just so happens he’s also a huge tomato bruschetta fan. My friend Adryon may have hit the nail on the head with this one. Feels like a grown up meal, no? Find this and other fun ideas on her blog, Adryon’s Kitchen.

Homemade Cinnamon Buns
Who doesn’t love sweets on Christmas morning? Ooey gooey and homemade is better than anything you can buy at a store. The lovely ladies from LoveFeast Table have what looks to be a scrumptious recipe up on their blog. Plus I love love love reading the accompanying stories they share with each recipe.

Eggnog Pancakes
Why stop the Christmas Eve cocktails? You can pour them right into your breakfast, thanks to the delicious idea from Savory Simple! Eggnogg is used in place of buttermilk. Hello, yum!

Although Classic Play isn’t a foodie blog per se, they do a fair bit ‘o cooking over there, and always about cooking with kids. Up this week? Popovers. Look delicious. And easy. My kind of breakfast. Add some fruit and tea… and well, voila!

Sausage and Egg Casserole

Remember Liza from the Walnut French Toast Pudding Casserole? She also blogs for Tots2Tweens, and recently shared this you-can-whip-it-up-ahead-of-time Sausage and Egg Casserole. This might be a winner for us. Christmas morning is always crazy.

What’s cooking in your kitchen for the holidays?

Many thanks to all of our friends for letting us share their recipes and images! The Egg Casserole image? That’s courtesy of Steve Depolo, Flickr.