Nothing says “Bawlmer” holidays like millions of Christmas lights. And the illuminating miracle that lights up 34th street in Hampden is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

I suspect it may be one of the Bug’s favorite things about Christmas as well since she keeps asking to go see the “WOW” twinkle lights (and inevitably we give in since it’s so darn close to our house). A few weeks ago we even made a quick trek in our pajamas, at the Bug’s cute little pre-bedtime whim {“Mom, I’m not tired. See twinkle lights?”}. Yes, we were that family in flannel pj pants, North Face coats and UGGs. Who says only college kids can pull off that look?

Annapolis-based filmmaker Josh Davidsburg shot me an email with a link to his fantastic video about this year’s 34th Street Christmas light bonanza. Neighbors estimate that more than 120,000 will make a pilgrimage to the light display this year, which runs through New Years Day.  You can also check out the Baltimore’s Sun’s Lights Photo Gallery.

Baltimore would make Clark Griswold proud.

Thanks for sharing, Josh!

Feature Image Credit: The Baltimore Sun